Mobile Wedding Invitation

Let’s take a look on how wedding invitations evolved. What purposes did they serve and how we, as a mobile wedding app, bring new in the field of wedding invitations. In short, let’s find out the answer to the question “Why do I need a mobile wedding invitation?”

Paper form

Wedding invitation
Wedding invitations have a long history. First paper forms were handwritten and they were, in fact, a luxury thing rather then usual attribute of every wedding. Just to mention that only a few people could read that time.

Nowadays paper invitations are produced in thousands, everyone can read, therefore it still looks like an optimal way of inviting your guests. It will be hard to choose among all the things design, place to buy it, delivery options. It’s quite popular to order a hand-made cards which people tend to think have more soul in it.

But there is some things. If 40 years ago just putting data and place on a paper card would be enough, right now paper invitation is just a souvenir functionally incomplete. All information the guests will likely get through social networks, email and messengers. And it’s very probable that your paper invitation they’re gonna put on the table.

It’s quite frustrating, you spent so much time, waited for it and they put it on the table .


Wedding site

Well. There is a need to deliver information to the guests came up. And web sites appeared on the stage. It became possible to put a map there, program, photos and additional infos. The Internet is everywhere. It may lack some warm feeling about it, but it’s fully functional and actually costs it’s price.

But I would object. What if I claim that wedding sites could be considered obsolete?

Most of the traffic coming from mobile today and this trend is not going to change. The majority of resources try to adapt their sites for mobile needs. But there are some limits still there.

  1. To access wedding site one needs an adrrъess. Bookmarks will not help you a lot. Address can be easily lost.
  2. One needs a table connection. Otherwise it will not work.
  3. Usability of web sites on mobile is still not perfect. And it seems that nothing will change dramatically about it.

Mobile wedding invitation

Mobile wedding invitation
Mobile app lacks these disadvantages. It has the best user experience, capable of working offline and it’s very hard to loose it on the phone.

Btw, phone.

Just think about it, only with mobile app you can make guests to carry your invitation with them the whole day. Before, during and after wedding.

Guest always sees when, where, how about your weddin.

He/she opens the app and gets

  1. invitation itself
  2. Any other news
  3. Program
  4. Common infos
  5. Gallery
  6. Seating plan
  7. Map with the ability to navigate right away
  8. Contacts, social links including Instagram.

There are more advantages of mobile invitation:

  1. If the wedding speaks several language we will localized the invitation. For guests later it happens automatically.
  2. Status. We’re sure that you will surprise your guests with this app.
  3. It’s easier to master mobile app rather then web site, even older people can handle it. Got an email, clicked 2 times, ready!
  4. Mobile app doesn’t have domain name. So no need to buy and prolong it.
  5. Push messages are available. Make a jocke and end push at 8 a.m to your guests “It’s time to prepare for my wedding!”

It could be just a bold points if we didn’t try it on ourselves. We developed the first prototype of the app for our wedding.

Our experience

We could:

  1. Send invitations to thousands of miles away in 1 click. It took only an evening or 2 to fill our invitation out.
  2. Deliver all information to the guests who speak different languages.
  3. Keep guests up to date when we corrected our program.
  4. And to surprise everyone, nobody expected such an invitation!

So, be modern, mobile, eco-friendly! Your phone can be used as nobody expects it!